HDP brings to life Les Hoofs de Tfou in 2 attractions for the TFOU indoor theme park

These last months, our team was committed to bring to life Les Hoofs de TFOU in two attractions for the first TFOU indoor theme park in France, which opened in Evry 2 shopping center in September 2021.

Created in partnership with TF1 Licensing and Indoor Park Entertainment (IPE), TFOU Parc is a play area with 25 activities and experiences which gives children from 4 to 10 the opportunity to grow up while having fun in a colorful universe inspired by the TF1 children’s show.

We are very proud to have been part of the creation of the 3D content of the attractions and we would like to thank Sandra Lipszyc and Yann Labasque from TF1, François Pain from IPE as well as Catherine Karam and Agathe Perreau from ROUGE COBALT for trusting us!