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Two new employees join the growing Hue Dada ! team

Julien Monnet, as Chief Information Officer, and Gwendal Auffret, who will be in charge of the business development of the studio, are joining our team.

About Julien Monnet

With over 30 years of experience in animation -he started in 3D when line of codes were still used to create computer-generated imagery!-, Julien has already set up and managed several famous French studios.

From repairing sockets or studying architect's blueprints to health crisis in IT management, Julien provides answers and all round solutions that meet the industry's requirements.

In his new position at Hue Dada, he will not only be in charge of computing, information security, data backup and automation of processes, but will also handle the set up of our projects' groundbreaking production processes, collaborating with our R&D team.

About Gwendal Auffret

With his extensive experience in the film industry, Gwendal's objective is to open the studio to emerging markets (VOD platforms, advertising...) in France and abroad, creating new opportunities for our real-time innovating production pipeline.