• The Nebulons

78 x 7'


Poetic cartoon




3 to 5 years old children


Diabolo Films, Hue Dada! Productions


Currently in development

If it seems that some clouds are shaped like a bear or a unicorn, it’s not just by chance...it’s because of them!

You probably don’t know it but way up in the sky live a bunch of elves who can mold clouds into the shapes of animals, plants or just about any object. Down here on earth, people who see them stare up in wonder! Our elves are cute, creative and have a great sense of humor... And they’re known as... The Nebulons!


A series for children who love to see familiar shapes in the clouds.

Cirrus ! Stratus ! Cumulus !... Clouds, they’re a part of our lives! Some of them protect Earth from too much sun. Others give us water, from one corner of the planet to another. But there are also those clouds that surprise us because, as we stare up wide-eyed, they take on recognizable shapes.

What child hasn’t suddenly opened her eyes wide in wonder as she looks up at the clouds and recognizes a bear, a unicorn or a whale? This unexpected spectacle is one of those pure, unadulterated joys that light up our faces with a huge smile. These marvelous clouds are called FABULEEZ.

What nobody knows is that behind the creation of the Fabuleez, are legendary, creatures, fantastic, friendly little elves who live in the sky. They are known as the NEBULONS. These funny, lively elves, celestial creatures, invisible to earthlings, live in and spend their time travelling through, the clouds. Their mission in life is to create Fabuleez in order to incite wonder amongst earthling children. To do that, they search relentlessly for Cloud Seeds, tiny and mischievous critters who are very difficult to catch. But once they have captured one of these seeds, the Nebulons can get them to grow into... a Fabuleez! Then they send the Fabuleez into the sky where children down below on planet earth, look up and start dreaming.

There are lots of Nebulons living in the clouds. But four of them are our heroes: AZURE, SNOWFLAKE, SHOWER and ZEPHYR. They travel through the sky in their vessel, the DREAM BOAT.

So quick, come and join us in sharing all of their “cloudy” adventures, which always end with a big surprise: the birth of a new Fabuleez!

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