You want to add more animation to your existing editorial contents or productions, including digital broadcasting? You want to enrich your trademark or add value to your graphic visuals?

We can offer a complete solution, from editorial to digital broadcasting.

What are the stakes when dealing with new content for existing visual worlds?

There are many stakes for publishers and producers to create new animated contents for existing visual brands and graphic worlds.

They can promote and make their properties stand out; they can reach a larger audience and bring to life communities around their contents. With the multiplication of broadcasting platforms from linear television, digital platforms, VOD to social networks, animation producers and editors need to enrich their contents offer.

To whom and for what type of projects?

Visual worlds and graphic editorial properties valorisation applies to producers, content editors but also trademarks and brands. We can cover any kind of projects for any media format: advertisement, video clips, series, television shows, teasers, corporate movies...

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on average for a minute of CGI animation



adapting and testing the production tools to best fit your needs



with each member having over 15 years of experience in animation ensuring quality production



with an Indian animation studio

Our solution

We can produce cost-effective new CGI animation videos adapted to any visual universe or brand, making it evolve as needed, without sacrificing the content quality. Our actions range from editorial design to executive content production.

At the heart of our solution:

  • A personalised support and technical solutions that best suit your needs.
  • An award winning editorial and artistic team ensuring the respect of your visual worlds and properties.
  • A production tool offering volume, flexibility and quality, thanks to a secure, versatile and responsive pipeline, with which the editorial team can dig in various techniques and styles.

What we provide

We provide the contents in any file format, according to your requests and needs.

By bringing Real Time technology into our production line, we can significantly reduce the production steps. As a result, we can guarantee first final image deliveries within the 4th month of production on average. Compared to conventional pre rendered 3D productions, we gain an average of 2 months.


Our innovating production tool

Hue Dada! Productions' unique tool originates from the virtuous crossing of 3 different technologies:

  • Flexible, open and scalable big data web cloud architecture technologies.
  • Collaborative real-time technologies from the video-game industry.
  • Optimisation and visualisation tools used primarily in fields like industrial design and artificial intelligence.

Using continuous cross-field technology intelligence in collaboration with research laboratories, Hue Dada! Productions is constantly testing new technological developments to ensure state of the art processes for all its production pipelines and customers.

The advantages of our production tools


Our tool is enhanced by a flexible, multi-faceted Cloud architecture that can be used for both conventional and new 3D tools: virtual production and real time rendering through collaborative video game engines, as well as VR, AI, or any tools approved by the studio's lab to fit your project.


According to your budget, we optimise technological choices by having an ongoing dialogue between the editorial, artistic and production teams.


Via Hue Dada! Productions, our user friendly and remotely accessible pipeline allows you to access talents worldwide and improves greatly the studio's capacity to manage efficiently unexpected challenges.

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About the Tax Rebate
for International Productions (TRIP)

The Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP) supports non-French projects that are partially or completely made in France. It applies to productions that merely have their shooting in France, including animation production, special effects or post-production work.

The amount allocated comprises 30% of the film eligible expenditures if it is shot in France, and has a cap of € 30 million per project.

The foreign producer needs to contract with a French company to handle the shoot in France or/and the making of the animation / VFX shots via a production service agreement. At the end of the financial fiscal year, the production services company can claim the rebate. The money is due by the tax authorities, and will be paid from six months to one year and a half after the last expenditure.

The minimum spending must beat least 250 000 euros OR 50% of the total budget to be spent in France, when it is less than 500 000 euros.

To be eligible, projects must pass a cultural test, which looks at European cultural elements in the story as well as French and European locations, characters, sources, landmarks, creators, crew and French technical hubs. For live action, there's a necessary minimum of 5 days of shoot in France. For animated productions and VFX-intensive projects, there is a designated cultural test, acknowledging the specificities of the genre.
Particularly, animated productions are identified with live footages which must match the required conditions:

  • At least 15% of all shots, which account for approximately one shot every minute and a half, are subject to digital processing, either to add characters, parts of movie sets or objects that take part in action, or else to alter the rendering of the scene or the cameraman's point of view.
  • Expenditures incurred in France made up for the most part of digital image processing expenditures that cover the "animation" scale.

The eligible expenditures are identical to any tax credit : audiovisual, animation and cinematography.

  • The wages and salaries of authors, actors, technicians and workers. Regarding actors, the amount of remuneration for tax credit are capped by minimal remunerations stated by audiovisual or film-making collective conventions and agreements. Should film-making and production staff be employed by the executive production company on a permanent basis, the wages and social security costs for the time they worked will be taken into account on the eligible tax credit work.
  • Expenditures related to technical industries and other audiovisual and film-making providers.
  • Expenditures for transportation, travels (including international travels), accommodation (capped at 270 euros per night and per person in Paris and inner suburbs, and 200 euros for the rest of France), and catering that is strictly necessary for the work production.
  • Depreciation charges are only taken into account for the time capital assets are used for the eligible tax credit work.

The French PSC files a provisional qualification at the CNC, with the necessary supporting documents. The standard application form is available on the CNC website:


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